Bakers’ Acres Ranch, LLC

Bakers' Acres Kiko Goats

Dave Baker

1760 Dalrymple Road
Anderson, SC 29621
(864) 710-3783

Our management goal is to produce a hardy, high weaning weight, commercial meat goat, requiring minimal intervention. While our goats are primarily sold locally for meat consumption, we also produce a limited quantity of Kiko seed stock. A significant market also exists for goats as pets. We produce IKGA American Premier Purebred and Percentage Kikos. We maintain up to 45 does, with a single Purebred Kiko buck as herd sire.

Bakers' Acres Ranch

Realizing the value of hybrid vigor, our herd consists of both Kiko goats and Boer goats; including pure-bred stock down to 50% bred stock. The resulting wean weights and average daily gain consistently outperform our typical purebred stock kids. Occasionally we will selectively stock a few purebred Boer to produce an American BoKi (50% Boer/ 50%Kiko) and the American Meatmaker (75% Kiko/25%Boer) registered through the IKGA as a cross in taking advantage of the positive traits of both these fantastic breeds.

Our ranch consists of more than 60 acres with ~ 15 acres fenced of both pasture and woods, to provide a variety of browse and forage for our goat herd. Supplemental feed for our herd is kept to a minimum, just enough to keep them conditioned when we say "whoo - c'mon goats!" Our goats are all natural, forage/pasture raised, with minimal feed supplementation during pre- and post-parturition (kidding). Annual CD/T vaccinations for all, but de-worming, and hoof trimming only as needed.