IKGA DNA Genotyping Program

The IKGA has contracted with the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory to provide DNA genotyping services for the IKGA. Currently, the cost per test is $36.00. Parentage verification can also be requested for goats whose sires/dams have already been tested (or have submitted samples for testing with results pending). There is no charge for parentage verification using genotypes already on file.

The UC Davis genotyping panel collects 14 independent pieces of genetic information for each goat tested. This is more informative than any genotyping panel that has been available to Kiko breeders to date. The UC Davis laboratory works closely with the International Society for Animal Genetics to standardize DNA genotyping procedures for the international agricultural community. You can be confident that the services provided are the finest available.

DNA genotyping and parentage verification request forms should be submitted to the address listed on the forms. You will be sent a hair collection kit for each genotyping request. After the hair is collected, you will then send the kit(s) to the UC Davis laboratory directly from your farm. IKGA will notify you when results have come back from the UC Davis laboratory.

The IKGA is happy to coordinate this service for its membership.

Important Basic guidelines:

1. DNA genotyping is NOT mandatory for registration of goats in the IKGA registry that are the result of natural breeding. Requests for genotyping may be necessary in the near future to register goats that are the result of artificial insemination, embryo transfer, or cloning procedures.

2. DNA genotyping does not provide useful or accurate information regarding the performance potential of a specific animal. Genotyping is simply a tool useful in verifying identity.

Download DNA Request Form

IKGA Genotyping and Parentage Verification Form