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  • Reduced fees for registering and transferring goats.
  • Free Farm Summary Page on the IKGA Website.
  • Free Classified Ad listings on the IKGA Website.
  • Your farm/ranch will be listed on the IKGA Website.
  • Membership Directory with names and addresses of other IKGA members and local Kiko goat clubs across the U.S. and around the world.
  • Opportunity to interact with experienced goat farmers around the world.
  • Reduced prices for selected goat supplies in the IKGA Online Store (microchips and readers, for example).
  • Addresses for goat-related supply companies (including magazines, books, equipment, novelties, and more).
  • IKGA Membership packet for the Association (including information on IKGA programs and breed standards).
  • Opportunity to serve on an IKGA committee dealing with specific areas of problem solving.
  • Eligibility to apply for an IKGA Scholarship.
  • Miscellaneous Fact Sheets and flyers on various goat-related topics.
  • Announcements of our Annual Meeting which features a long schedule of seminars and programs, plus an exciting auction of top quality KIKO goats.
  • Voluntary participation in the IKGA DNA Program.
  • Eligibility to vote on the direction and programs of the IKGA.

Lifetime Membership  $500

All the membership benefits without yearly renewal requirement.
Membership has the right to one (1) vote.

Membership  $40 per year
All the membership benefits with yearly renewal requirement. The member must renew each year (Jan.1 starts new year). Deadline for renewals is March 1st.
Membership has the right to one (1) vote.

Junior Membership   $5 per year

All Junior members must be less than 18 years of age and have a parent that is a IKGA Member.
Members use their parents farm prefix with the suffix character (1) added to goats they register.
The junior member will be listed as the owner of the goat on the registration certificate.
Membership is not entitled to vote.

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