The IKGA Registry

The International KIKO GOAT Association identifies the Fullblood Kiko goat which can trace it's pedigree to those few original New Zealand imports as well as various other classifications obtained through the use of structured breed up programs. The purpose of these breeding programs are to attain the best possible representatives of this fantastic meat goat breed. In addition, the IKGA supports a wide range of Kiko crosses developed for specific purposes and areas of the country.

Each breeder of The International KIKO GOAT Association has their own unique population genetics and through the use of a structured breed up or other breeding program can incorporate an open nucleus to ever enhance the genotypes and phenotypes of their herd's genetics to reach their goals.

At the present time The International KIKO GOAT Association will accept other approved Kiko goat registration papers.

For the time being ALL gold seal AKGA papers which show at least 5 generations of "Pure" breeding will be grandfathered to the American Premier Purebred status. If other Kiko registration organizations change their classifications, The International KIKO GOAT Association reserves the right to exclude those associations classifications and or registration papers.

The International Kiko Goat Association recognizes the class 1 hybrid Kiko/Boer cross called the "American BoKi" which is specifically a 1/2 Kiko and 1/2 Boer cross.

The International KIKO GOAT Association recognizes the class 2 hybrid Kiko/Boer cross called the "American MeatMaker" which is specifically a 3/4 Kiko and 1/4 Boer cross which has shown exceptional hardiness and meat production under southeastern environmental conditions.

In addition, The International KIKO Goat Association recognizes a particular cross genetically composed of a 15/16 (or higher) Boer and American BoKi called the "International MeatMaker".

American MeatMaker, American Premier, International MeatMaker and American BoKi are registered trademarks of International KIKO GOAT Association, Inc.

The International KIKO Goat Association also supports efforts of the commercial producer to manage a production herd for performance over time through The Commercial Production Registry of Experimental Crosses. This classification supports those working to develop future "regional meat goats" with specific characteristics intended to better serve regional markets.