How to read your IKGA Registration Certificate

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A   The Certificate Heading will be color coded for a specific type of KIKO

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Gold  -   New Zealand Fullblood
Silver  -   American Premier Purebred
Light Green  -   Percentage
Light Blue  -   American Boki
Light Pink  -   American MeatMaker
Teal  -   International MeatMaker

B   IKGA Registration Number YY XXXXXHHH PZ*%

YY - Year goat was born
XXXX - Permanent sequence number assigned by IKGA
HHH - Your Farm Herd Prefix
P - Pigmentation
W = Unpigmented
B = Pigmented
U = Unknown
Z - IKGA Classification
1 - New Zealand Fullblood (See Note Below)
2 - American Premier Purebred
3 - Unused
4 - Percentage
5 - American MeatMaker
6 - American BoKi
% - Percentage of Kiko

NOTE: (New Zealand Fullbloods MUST have all animals on the pedigree from these specific New Zealand herd prefixes (GGL, CPR, HSL, SET, BTH, ARA, BAR, TLR, MRM, WWG, MAS AND RST)

C   Animal Name of your choice

D   Owner name and address including zip code

E   Breeding - Pasture Breeding (Natural), AI, Embryo Transfer
      Reared - Suckled, Bottle Fed
      # of Kids Born - 1=Single, 2=Twins, 3=Triplets, etc.

F   Breed - IKGA Classification as in IKGA Registration Number
      Status - BUCK, DOE
      Percentage - Percentage of Kiko
      Permanent ID - Number assigned by IKGA
      Microchip - Microchip number (if used)
      Tattoo - Left and Right Tattoos (if used)
      Tag # - Ear Tag Number
      Sex - MALE or FEMALE
      DOB - Date of Birth of animal listed on certificate

G  Performance Data including animal weights at various times.

H  Pedigree information listing IKGA Registration Numbers of ancestors.

I   IKGA Classification

J  All Certificates will have a watermark and gold seal.