Mitten and Snow


Barry & Ginny Arnett



Our business is producing meat goats and secondarily breeding stock.

Mitten and Snow, the first two goats born on Sharpe Farm, arrived in December 2003 as 75% Kikos and are shown in the adjoining picture.

Herdsires include MidNight, a 100% Black New Zealand Fullblood Kiko of Tasman Zorro bloodline; Maximillian, a gray New Zealand Fullblood Kiko of James Bond (450 lbs!) bloodline purchased from Chris Luton; and others.

Our management system is to minimize intervention and optimize performance data gathering to use in analysis and planning. Whenever possible a scientific approach is used based on the latest "best practices". Pasture rotation and use of high tannin forage is emphasized to reduce parasite problems. On-farm research and analysis is our way of life. We use FAMACHA evaluations, fecal analysis, a specific vaccination program, doe productivity analysis, kid crop analysis, and are always looking for new ways to understand the performance of our herd.

Our objective is to have 100 productive does and we currently have approximately 40.

Please visit us as we always learn something in the process.

Sharpe Farm Sharpe Farm was established in 1822 by Lt. Col John Sharpe (Ginny's great-great grandfather) a veteran of the War of 1812 using a land grant given to him for his military service.

The farm is 225 acres in Southeastern Kentucky in the Appalachian Mountains. A goat barn specifically designed for goats was completed in 2005.

The farm has applied for a grant to become a Regional Meat Goat Demonstration Farm which will focus on education and research.

Research plans are listed on our farm web site and include use of reclaimed strip mines and forests for forage.